novembre 18th, 2015 by jeanf

PIKSEL15 to 19 till 22 november
logforData_connection performance in the frame of PIKSEL 2015 festival in Bergen/Norway

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août 21st, 2015 by jeanf

live act by DEMOLECULARISATION (Jérôme et Jean-François Blanquet)
-LogforData_Connection-, like the title of the film French Connection by William Friedkin, DATA traffic!!


screen shots LogforData_Connection

screen shots LogforData_Connection

With prepared audio tapes of encoded texts and tape players, Jean-francois Blanquet mixes and composes a sound piece from the different sonorities of code, which still contain meaning .
The texts produced by Jean-François Blanquet are about a second civilization in the process of setting up next to ours in the digital universe.
While the music code is built and evolves, J Blanquet receives the audio stream using computers to decode its textual substance.
From machines, texts emerge in video stream directly re-arranged with mixers creating an interpretation of the moment.
The public is immersed in a song of digital code while attending the progressive apparition in the video of part of the meaning contained in this stream.
Thus, we have a sound composition in the making whose meaning is carried by the sounds, is decoded and then re- arranged live. This creates an experience in the continuity of the cut-up techniques.
The result is projected on video and then directly recorded by a VCR on a single VHS tape.
LogforData_Connection cassettes

LogforData_Connection cassettes

VHS tape recorded at iMAL/Brussels on june 14, 2015 on the occasion of the finissage of -Arnarchronism- exhibition.

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juillet 13th, 2015 by jeanf

-Logfordata_Exhibition- is exposed on a table or a flycase. The support states the temporary nature of the device. No traditional exhibition stand is used. The decoding device can be set up quickly and anywhere in a hurry. The computer is a Thinkpad, an all-terrain computer used by the military as well as by hackers. A simple implementation: a computer connected to, a cassette player and a Logfordata_Cassette. The visitor just presses PLAY to start decoding.
========================================================================================================================================== :::::



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Anarchronism Finissage

juin 5th, 2015 by jeanf

With performances by Valentina Vuksic & DEMOLECULARISATION
Location: iMAL, 30 Koolmijnenkaai – Quai des Charbonnages, 1080 Brussels
Doors & Bar: 19:30
Performances: 20:00

>>>>>>> Valentina Vuksic – Tripping Through Runtime


DATA connection is a project that decrypts the audio coding of data stored on tapes. The processing temporarily reveals texts that come from inside the network.
With portable analogue tape players, Jean-François Blanquet, joyfully mixes the sweet melodies of the digital code.
Using cables, the audio data stream is received by computers at full capacity. Jérôme Blanquet, with his sensibility of the moment, updates the texts appearing in the decoders.
A video projector brings out the content, which is then recorded in real time on a single VHS cassette.

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LogforData cassette is out!

avril 8th, 2015 by jeanf

released on ARTKILLART label on april 11 => ARTKILLART website

to purchase LogforData cassette => AKA online shop

Logfordata from ARTKILLART on Vimeo.

logfordata cassette
//////////////////// LogforData is an audio tape composed of several audio coding protocols extracted from a 56k modem, FAX as well as personal computers from the 1980’s. This audio data also contains several texts from online secure conversations between several members of an IRC channel.
The decoding of the content is made possible by linking up a cassette player to a computer connected to the website
A personal version of the text appears according to the accuracy of the tape player, the swiftness of the computer system and its Internet connection. The tape has 15 minutes of audio data streams per side, one in French and one in English.
The decoded texts give us a glimpse into the existence of a pure data ecosystem, a world where information has mutated towards an independent life form. ///////////////////////////////
logfordata cassette°||||||||||°°°°logofordata cassette
logfordata cassette 3
projectsinge, founded in 1998, is a platform of gatherings, a label and a group of artists that evolves between multimedia installation, performance, audiovisual diversion and re-appropriation.
projectsinge is interested in disturbance and media overflows, the exploration of an aesthetics of confusion
Credits : Jean-François Blanquet, David Olivari, Clément Charmet, Jérôme Blanquet and Sylvain Le Beux
Partners : iMAL, Kawenga, Désert Numérique, DICRéAM, ARTKILLART, projectsinge, MAL AU PIXEL.

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logfordata video

avril 1st, 2015 by jeanf



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logfordata cassette

décembre 28th, 2014 by jeanf

we finished the sound work for the audio tape LogforData, here an excerpt

release is planned in 2015

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Mikro TV

avril 12th, 2014 by jeanf

april 12 and 13 in the framework of Sonic Protest festival , Mikro TV during 24 hours.
from saturday 22h to sunday 22h
===>>>> Mikro. TV

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